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Over in Japan, NPB officials decline to give out the Sawamura Award (the league’s equivalent of the Cy Young) this season because they decided no pitcher was worthy of it. That’s pretty funny, no? It got me thinking about if this was ever an option in Major League Baseball and what seasons in which it might’ve happened. As I looked through the votes from the past four decades, I did notice that, on numerous occasions, awards went to players who didn’t really deserve them — at least compared to someone who finished behind them in the voting. With that in mind, I decided to highlight some of the worst votes for the NL/AL MVP or Cy Young winners.

Let’s go with the 20 worst MVP or Cy Young votes in the last 40 seasons. Those are nice round numbers and we aren’t getting too far back in the past. Through the years, what is valued in baseball evolves. A good way to find what we now consider bad votes is to look at divides in on-base percentage versus stuff like batting average and RBI when it comes to hitters. WAR can be handy, but it never tells the whole story. We know the W-L record can cloud things on the pitching side and through the ’80s and early ’90s there was too much of a fixation with closers. So while we now regard some of these votes as lamentable, back in the day they weren’t really thought of that way. Which is fine. Times change. We know better now, though, so it doesn’t hurt to point out the flawed votes.

We’ll go in reverse chronology. Please note that I said the 20 worst and that there are plenty of other questionable votes when viewed through the lens of how we value players these days.
2006 AL MVP

One of the few things Derek Jeter never accomplished in his storied career was winning the MVP. Was he robbed here? Justin Morneau was the winner in 2006, but he was the third most valuable player on his own team after Johan Santana and Joe Mauer. The 130 RBI seemed to do the job, but David Ortiz had 137. Going simply by WAR, Santana should have won, but Jeter’s all-around case was strong, too. Regardless, we’d like to change this one.
2005 AL Cy Young

We were still stuck in the “wins” mode. Bartolo Colon won 21 games compared to Johan Santana’s 16. Otherwise, check this out.

Colon: 3.48 ERA, 122 ERA+, 1.16 WHIP, 157 K, 43 BB, 222 2/3 IP, 2 CG, 0 SHO, 4.0 WAR
Johan: 2.87 ERA, 155 ERA+, 0.97 WHIP, 238 K, 45 BB, 231 2/3 IP, 3 CG, 2 SHO, 7.2 WAR

That’s not even close. Johan should have three Cy Youngs and possibly an MVP (see 2006).
1999 AL MVP

Ivan Rodriguez had a great season and, generally speaking, I’m in favor of position players over pitchers for MVP, but Pedro Martinez was out of his mind during one of the most offensively prolific seasons in history. To sum up how ridiculous offense was in 1999, A-Rod had 42 homers and 111 RBI and finished 15th in AL MVP voting. Sammy Sosa hit 63 homers and finished ninth in NL MVP voting. Meanwhile, here’s Pedro:

23-4, 2.07 ERA, 0.92 WHIP, 313 K, 37 BB, 213 1/3 IP, 9.8 WAR (compared to 6.4 WAR from Ivan Rodriguez).

The next closest person to Pedro’s 2.07 ERA was David Cone at 3.44. Second to Pedro’s 0.92 WHIP was Eric Milton at 1.23. Second to the 9.8 WAR was Jeter at 8.0. Pitchers need to be on a completely different level for me to support them for MVP and Pedro Martinez was in 1999.
1998 AL MVP

Juan Gonzalez won rather easily in a sign of the times, as he homered 45 times and drove home a whopping 157 runs. He hit .318 with a .366 on-base percentage, too, so it looks like a monster season. It was. It’s just that offense was off the charts in this time period and Gonzalez was pretty one-dimensional. Ken Griffey Jr. hit 56 homers and drove home 146 while also stealing 20 bases and playing stellar defense in center. Nomar Garciaparra hit .323/.362/.584 with 35 homers and 122 RBI while playing shortstop. Derek Jeter hit .324 with a .384 OBP, 19 homers, 30 steals and 127 runs while playing short. Albert Belle hit .328.399/.655 with 48 doubles, 49 homers and 152 RBI, leading the league in OPS, OPS+ and total bases. A-Rod, who finished ninth in the vote, hit .310/.360/.560 with 42 homers, 124 RBI, 123 runs and 46 steals while playing short.

Here’s Gonzalez’s WAR vs. those guys:

A-Rod, 8.5
Jeter, 7.5
Garciaparra, 7.1
Belle, 7.1
Griffey, 6.6
Gonzalez, 4.9

If we had a re-vote, Gonzalez doesn’t crack the top five.
1998 NL Cy Young

Kevin Brown was often short-changed in voting and there’s plenty of speculation it had to do with his crusty personality with the media (which shouldn’t matter, by the way). Tom Glavine won the vote, but I think Brown should have. Let’s go side-by-side:

Glavine: 20-6, 2.47 ERA, 1.20 WHIP, 157 K, 74 BB, 4 CG, 3 SHO, 229 1/3 IP, 6.1 WAR
Brown: 18-7, 2.38 ERA, 1.07 WHIP, 257 K, 49 BB, 7 CG, 3 SHO, 257 IP, 8.6 WAR

If it matters, both players pitched for division winners. Gimme Brown.
1996 AL MVP

Uh oh, we’re gonna pick on Juan Gone again. This vote was razor thin, with Gonzalez getting 290 vote points against A-Rod’s 287. It shouldn’t have been close. Both A-Rod and Griffey were better all-around players. Take a look:

Gonzalez: .314.368/.643, 33 2B, 47 HR, 144 RBI, 89 R, 2 SB, 3.8 WAR
A-Rod: .358/.414/.631, 54 2B, 36 HR, 123 RBI, 141 R, 15 SB, 9.4 WAR
Junior: .303/.392.628, 26 2B, 49 HR, 140 RBI, 125 R, 16 SB, 9.7 WAR

The Rangers won the division while the Mariners missed the playoffs, so it’s possible that was at play here. At the time, WAR wasn’t on anyone’s radar, but do we really need that to know A-Rod and Griffey were good at defense and baserunning while Gonzalez wasn’t?
1996 NL MVP

In going through all these votes, I noticed that voter fatigue is a real thing. I already suspected it, but there were multiple cases where players like Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson and Albert Pujols should have won but were likely cost more hardware because voters, deep down, just didn’t feel like picking the same guy over and over. Barry Bonds was probably cost the most, which is amazing given he won seven MVPs. He should have won about 10. In 1996, Bonds led the NL in WAR while posting a .461 OBP and .615 slugging. He had 42 homers despite 151 walks (30 intentional) and also stole 40 bases. He finished fifth in the vote, though. Ken Caminiti was the winner.
1995 AL MVP

Several other players have a case over Mo Vaughn, but let’s simply compare him to Albert Belle.

Belle: .317/.401/.690, 52 2B, 50 HR, 126 RBI, 121 R, 7.0 WAR
Vaughn: .300/.388/.575, 28 2B, 39 HR, 126 RBI, 98 R, 4.3 WAR

Belle led the AL in runs, doubles, homers, RBI (tied), slugging and total bases. Vaughn tied Belle in RBI and led the AL in strikeouts.

This wasn’t a case of the team factoring in, either, as Belle’s Indians went 100-44 for the best record in baseball. Yes, look at Belle’s numbers and realize this was a strike-shortened season. He was jobbed here.
1993 AL Cy Young

Did having a cool nickname benefit “Black Jack” Jack McDowell? It couldn’t have hurt, but I’m guessing the White Sox winning the division and McDowell leading the league with 22 wins had more to do with it. It’s supposed to be an award for the best pitcher, though, and look at Kevin Appier. He had McDowell by 0.81 in ERA with more strikeouts, a better WHIP and more than doubled him in WAR (Appier 9.3 to 4.4 for McDowell).
1992 AL MVP/Cy Young

Double whammy here as A’s closer Dennis Eckersley won both awards. The Hall of Famer had an exceptional season, but he still only faced 309 batters in 80 innings of work. Compare that to players who rack up over 600 plate appearances or starting pitchers working 250 innings. He certainly had an impact, but you can’t convince me the most valuable player in the league pitched 80 innings and that was it.

On the MVP side, Kirby Puckett put up 7.1 WAR for a 90-win Twins team. Mark McGwire (from a division winner), Roberto Alomar (from a division winner) and Frank Thomas also had strong cases.

Roger Clemens (voter fatigue!) was 18-11 with a 2.41 ERA in 246 2/3 innings. Mike Mussina was 18-5 with a 2.54 ERA in 241 innings.
1991 NL MVP

Bonds won MVP the previous season while Terry Pendleton was a veteran newcomer to a Braves team that went worst-to-first. Bonds never had a shot, even though he was better.

Bonds: .292/.410/.514, 28 2B, 5 3B, 25 HR, 116 RBI, 95 R, 43 SB, 8.0 WAR
Pendleton: .319/.363/.517, 34 2B, 8 3B, 22 HR, 86 RBI, 94 R, 10 SB, 6.1 WAR

Narratives can be strong and that was certainly the case in 1991, though it was a close vote.
1990 AL Cy Young

Bob Welch over Roger Clemens was a complete debacle. Though Clemens had already won two Cy Youngs and an MVP, I suspect this was less fatigue and more wins. Welch won 27 games. We could use more context, though. Welch won 27 games for a team that won 103 while Clemens won 21 for a team that won 88. Should that alone really have swung things?

The answer should be no, and everything else is a landslide in Rocket’s corner. Clemens had a 1.93 ERA compared to Welch’s 2.95. Clemens struck out 82 more hitters in 9 2/3 fewer innings while walking 23 fewer hitters. Welch allowed 26 homers to Clemens’ seven. They didn’t have WAR then, but it’s a good illustration of how bad this vote was: Clemens wins 10.4 to 2.9.
1989 NL Cy Young

Mark Davis had an amazing season for the Padres. He worked 92 2/3 innings in relief, closing down 44 saves in 48 chances with a 1.85 ERA. I realize Orel Hershiser being 15-15 in 1989 was a non-starter when it came to people maybe throwing him a first-place vote, but W-L is a team stat. Hershiser worked 256 2/3 innings while facing nearly three times the number of hitters Davis did. Hershiser pitched to a 2.31 ERA and posted 7.0 WAR compared to Davis’ 4.4 (which, by the way, is a ridiculous WAR for a reliever).
1987 NL/AL MVP

The league exploded with home runs in 1987, so voters didn’t seem to know what to do other than throw the votes to Andre Dawson and George Bell.

The NL side of this hurts, given that I was a nine-year-old Cubs fan who decided to wear No. 8 in Little League for the foreseeable future thanks to The Hawk.

The adult in me, however, realizes narrative played a large role here, with Dawson taking a blank check to Wrigley Field and wanting to sign with the Cubs no matter what. He became a hero in Wrigley, with Andre’s Army bowing down to him in the right field bleachers.

Dawson was great with 49 homers and 137 RBI. Team that with the narrative and he won MVP from a last-place team. He also posted a below average on-base percentage (.328 vs. a .331 league average). Think about that. A player on a last-place team who was below average at not making outs won MVP.

Tony Gwynn finished eighth while hitting .370/.447/.511 with 36 doubles, 13 triples, 56 steals, 119 runs and an MLB-best 218 hits. His 8.6 WAR dwarfed Dawson’s 4.0, but he only hit seven home runs. What about Eric Davis? He slashed .293/.399/.593 with 37 homers, 100 RBI and 50 steals. The Gold Glover had 7.9 WAR. Dale Murphy had a strong season, too.

The AL side was similarly flawed with Bell’s 47 homers and 134 RBI. Alan Trammell and Wade Boggs were better all-around players, though.

Bell: .308/.352/.605, 32 2B, 4 3B, 47 HR, 134 RBI, 111 R, 5 SB, 5.0 WAR
Trammell: .343/.402/.551, 34 2B, 3 3B, 28 HR, 105 RBI, 109 R, 21 SB, 8.2 WAR
Boggs: .363/.461/.588, 40 2B, 6 3B, 24 HR, 89 RBI, 108 R, 1 SB, 8.3 WAR

Gimme Boggs, who was perpetually underrated in MVP voting throughout his career, I suspect due to the relatively low homer totals.
1984 AL MVP/Cy Young

Willie Hernandez was great, but let’s reiterate a closer shouldn’t be winning MVP. He did pitch a ton of relief innings: 140 1/3 to be exact, and faced 548 batters.

Still, Hall of Famer Eddie Murray played all 162 games and hit .306/.410/.509, leading the majors in OPS+ (157) and posting 7.1 WAR to Hernandez’s 4.8. Trammell and Dave Winfield had strong cases as well.

On the pitching side, both Bert Blyleven (19-7, 2.87 ERA, 12 CG, 4 SHO) and Dave Stieb (16-8, 2.83 ERA, 11 CG, 2 SHO) faced nearly twice as many batters as Hernandez and posted WARs above seven.
1982 AL Cy Young

Harvey’s Wallbangers carried the day in the AL, with the Brewers taking MVP (Robin Yount, a correct choice) and Cy Young. Dave Steib was robbed, though, against Pete Vuckovich, who would later go on to play Clu Haywood in “Major League.”

Vuckovich: 18-6, 3.34 ERA, 1.50 WHIP, 105 K, 102 BB, 9 CG, 1 SHO, 223 2/3 IP, 2.8 WAR
Steib: 17-14, 3.25 ERA, 1.20 WHIP, 141 K, 75 BB, 19 CG, 5 SHO, 288 1/3 IP, 7.6 WAR
1981 AL MVP

You knew I wasn’t gonna like a closer winning MVP, and here we go again with Rollie Fingers. What’s funny is the starting pitching selection in 1981 was mediocre enough that Fingers was justifiable to win the Cy Young. But a pitcher who faced 297 hitters in 78 innings winning the MVP? C’mon. Even in a strike-shortened season, that’s not OK. Rickey Henderson hit .319 with a 408 on-base percentage, 56 steals and 89 runs scored in 108 games. Dwight Evans posted a .415 OBP with a .522 slugging. Both players were at 6.7 WAR in 108 games played. That’s exceptional and either one would’ve been a fine choice.

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The Miami Marlins have plenty of work to do this winter and have many decisions to make about how they will tackle free agency this offseason.

The Marlins have not slowed down this offseason as they prepare to take part n free agency. Players have signed with other teams, but that does not mean the front office has taken their eyes off potential stars to add to the team’s sluggish lineup from a year ago.

As Joe Frisaro of wrote, the Marlins and other MLB teams are preparing for the MLB Owners’ Meetings which take place Dec. 9-12 in San Diego. Business should pick up then as potential deals are discussed and the Marlins front office can get a feel for what it might take to acquire a hitter or two. The team does not want to let go of controllable players if they do not have to also.

Also, the thought of sending top prospects to other organizations may not be open for discussion either. As Michael Hill, the team’s president of baseball operations said this offseason, the front office is will to explore all possibilities, but that does not mean they make that happen.

For now, the focus is on finding the right fit for the team next season and beyond. There are a few names linked to the franchise – Nicholas Castellanos, Justin Smoak, and Eric Thames – but nothing has materialized yet.
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The Marlins and the other 29 MLB teams have been working on other matters of business so be able to come to San Diego ready to make a conscious effort to address the franchise’s needs.

“All this affects how the Marlins approach free agents like Castellanos, [Yasiel] Puig and Smoak. The team has, however, already reached out to the agents of players they are interested in,” Frisaro adds.

“Also remember that clubs are monitoring which players may not be tendered on Dec. 2. So after that deadline and around the Winter Meetings, activity should pick up.”

The one name I keep going back to is Marcell Ozuna, who could still sign with another team besides the St. Louis Cardinals. The Marlins would have to surrender compensation for their former star to return to Miami. I believe it is worth the exploration. Ozuna would add a middle-of-the-order bat and steady defense in the outfield. He may be willing to come home at a reasonable offer. But that offer may sill be more than the team is willing to spend.

Castellanos remains the player most closely linked to the organization. He is from Davie, Florida which would be a popular choice with the fan base. He can play third base, which would keep Brian Anderson in right field, or he could move to the outfield where he can play both corner spots.

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The inaugural Perfect Game Cares Celebrity Softball Game happens this Saturday at Veterans Memorial Stadium in Cedar Rapids. If you are a fan of baseball and have followed the sport for years, like me, then some of the names you’ll see on the field will look very familiar. That’s because many have played in the majors. I had baseball cards of many of these players. The fact that I get to take the field with the likes of Bo Jackson and Hall of Fame pitcher Trevor Hoffman is a baseball fan’s dream.

Brain will be playing on the Gray team, while Bob James is on the Blue squad! Tickets are just $10 for adults and $5 for kids and can be ordered HERE! There’s also a silent auction during the first part of the game on the concourse at Veterans Memorial Stadium. More on that HERE.

Below is a look at some of the big names on the Gray and Blue team rosters for Saturday’s game!
See the Unique Items Available at the Celebrity Softball Game Silent Auction

Bo Jackson
Perfect Game Cares

Tom “Flash” Gordon
Perfect Game Cares

Andruw Jones
Perfect Game Cares

Brooks Kieschnick

Dmitri Young
Perfect Game Cares

Tim Dwight

Alanna Arrington

Baylee Drezek

Allen Reisner

Other Gray team members include John Cangelosi, Mike Bruner, Corbie Birkicht, Jason Kohl, Mike Bonwell, Rick Heller, Tom Gorzelanny, Sarah Specht, Mike Kerr, Mike Knox, Gavin McGrath, John Campbell, Jaymz Larson, and Ben Rogers.

Trevor Hoffman
Perfect Game Cares

Greg Vaughn
Perfect Game Cares

Luis Gonzalez
Perfect Game Cares

Todd Coffey

Ben Ford

Brian Dinkelman

Chelsea Dubczak

Bruce Kimm

Other players featured on the Blue team include Dedric Ward, Kaylin Kinney, Josh Christensen, Corey Bowman, Adrian Arrington, Junior Spivey, Wes Obermueller, Tim Evans, Mike Sauser, Steve Erceg, Matt Usher, Joh Melendez, Blake Brockhohn, and Chad Johnston.

Read More: Celebrity Softball Rosters Are FULL Of Major League Talent |

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PORTAGE, MI – During his senior year at Portage Central, Kirt Ojala was sure his big-league baseball dream was going to be over before it even got started.

With a handful of professional scouts in attendance at the Mustangs baseball diamond, the lefty walked the first six batters he faced, then moved from the mound to centerfield and watched the scouts file out of the bleachers one by one.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God, I blew it. My career is over,'” Ojala said, “but I remember everyone saying, ‘It’s OK don’t worry about it. It’s just one game.'”

That one wild outing proved to be a blip on the radar for Ojala, who went on to pitch at the University of Michigan and spend three seasons with the Florida Marlins, including their 1997 World Series championship campaign.

On Oct. 17, Ojala will be honored as one of five inductees in Portage Central’s 2019 Athletic Hall of Fame class.

Joining the former Mustang baseball and football star are 1972 grad Tom Hamilton, 1996 grad Sarah Paccione, 2000 grad Jennifer Gerteisen and longtime Portage Central football announcer Paul Schonveld.

Kalamazoo’s Fetzer Center will host the ceremony, which opens its doors at 5:15 p.m. and serves dinner at 6 p.m. Tickets for the event are $23 for adults and $12 for children, and they can be ordered until Oct. 11 by contacting Julie Morrissey, of the Portage Central athletic department, at 269-323-5361.

The inductees will also be honored before Portage Central’s Oct. 18 football game against Mattawan.

Hamilton played football, basketball and baseball for the Mustangs and later returned to coach softball at Portage Central in 2010 and 2014-17. He also led rival Portage Northern to four softball state championships, including three in a row from 2000-2002.

Gerteisen was a two-time all-state finisher in cross country and led the Mustangs to a seventh-place team finish in 1999.

Paccione starred on Central’s softball and basketball teams, before going on to earn all-conference honors playing third base at Hope College.

But Ojala is the lone member of 2019 Hall of Fame class that continued his athletic endeavors to the professional ranks, and said it’s an honor to be recognized by his alma mater.

“I think it’s a very special honor, and I am honored to be able to represent Portage Central,” said Ojala, who now works as the vice president of business development and director of client services at CD Barnes Construction in Grand Rapids. “It was one of the best places I could’ve ever asked for to grow up. I had some great teachers, great coaches, and it’s a nice gesture on behalf of Portage Central, and I hope to represent them well as part of this.”

During his playing days, Ojala became the 31st pitcher in Major League Baseball history to strike out four batters in one inning, and he also received notoriety for giving up Barry Bonds’ 400th career home run in 1998.

While one feat is certainly more memorable than the other, neither would have happened if not for the support from the people in Portage that helped Ojala reach his Major League dream.

“I want to give a special thanks to my coaches and my family and my friends for support,” he said. “I think the community at large is a very special community. My father and brother still live there and his kids go to school there, so I just feel really fortunate I was able to grow up in an environment like that.”

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SAN FRANCISCO — Greg Johnson was approved by the major league clubs as the new controlling owner of the San Francisco Giants.

Following the decision Thursday at the owners meetings in Arlington, Texas, Giants president and CEO Larry Baer will still represent the club at the meetings, along with Johnson and Rob Dean, who had been handling leadership duties since March.

Baer was suspended without pay from March 4 through July 1 after a video showed him in a physical altercation with his wife.

Johnson is the son of Charles Johnson, part of the group including late managing partner Peter Magowan that bought the Giants in 1993 and kept them from relocating to Florida. Greg Johnson will be chairman and Dean the vice chairman, and both will be managing members, the team said in a statement.

Baer and president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi will report to Johnson and Dean.

Dean is the son-in-law of late Giants principal owners Harmon and Sue Burns. Dean had been serving as the interim control person with Major League Baseball and the team’s board of directors. The Giants planned the changes to their governance structure after Baer’s absence.

A video posted by TMZ showed Pam Baer seated in a chair when Larry Baer reached over her to grab for a cellphone in her right hand and she toppled sideways to the ground in the chair screaming, “Oh my god!” The couple later released a statement saying they were embarrassed by the situation and regretted having a heated argument in public.

Baer, long the face of the franchise, sat a few rows back rather than on the podium when San Francisco introduced new manager Gabe Kapler at Oracle Park last week.

Bruce Bochy retired after the season following a 25-year managerial career that included the past 13 seasons with the Giants after 12 years with the Padres. His teams won World Series championships in 2010, ’12 and ’14.

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This Halloween, we’re going to take a look at players the Miami Marlins shouldn’t be afraid of signing for the 2020 season.

Last offseason, the Marlins signed the likes of Sergio Romo, Neil Walker, Harold Ramirez, and Curtis Granderson.
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Chicago Cubs: Top 3 Reasons Kris Bryant should stay
in Chicago

Romo was a solid closer, considering the state of the team. They sent him to the Twins as part of a trade deadline deal.

Walker outperformed his sad 2018 numbers achieved with the Yankees, but will be 34 this season.
Miami Marlins

Ramirez was an exciting addition to a young team with nowhere to go but up. Despite a relatively good slashline of .276/.312/.416 in 119 contests, he was only 0.2 wins above replacement, according to baseball reference.

Granderson provided solid leadership in the clubhouse, but wasn’t able to get it done as well as his younger self, as evidenced by a .183/.281/.356 slashline and 98 strikeouts in 363 plate appearances. For the first time in his career, a full-season’s yield resulted in a sub-replacement level brWAR, at -0.6.

Were these four signees good enough for the major leagues? Of course! Any baseball player who appeared on a major league baseball team is a pretty good player. But the point of this whole major league baseball thing is not to be “pretty good,” it’s to be better than the other team’s “pretty good” players.

Signing free agents is at best, a risky proposition. You never know if you’re going to get another “prime” season from an established talent or a shadow of what that player used to be. Sometimes, it’s a question of feast or famine. These Marlins could do well to luck into a sweet deal in the free agent market, but there’s also hazards along the way.

So which players do you think the Marlins shouldn’t be scared of avoiding? We here at Marlin Maniac have identified five that we think could be worth a look.

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Jose Quijada is not projected to be worth a roster spot. His -41.24 projected fantasy points puts him at #380 behind Juan Nicasio and ahead of Tyler Bashlor. He has averaged -0.55 fantasy points in his past 34 games, which is more than our projected per game average. He is projected to average -0.93 fantasy points. His rank based on avg proj (#356) is better than his rank based on total fantasy points. Jose Quijada is expected to come up short of last season’s #294 fantasy position rank.
#378 Bryan Shaw -39 FP, -0.59 per game -3.74 per game (#386)
#379 Juan Nicasio -40 FP, -0.57 per game -3.74 per game (#386)
#380 Jose Quijada -41 FP, -0.93 per game -3.74 per game (#386)
#381 Tyler Bashlor -43 FP, -1.03 per game -3.74 per game (#386)
#382 Josh Staumont -46 FP, -0.82 per game -3.74 per game (#386)

These projections power SportsLine’s Computer Picks and Fantasy Data. But for contest winning DFS optimal lineups by top experts like Mike McClure visit SportsLine’s new Daily Fantasy Hub.

The tables below show projected stats (totals and averages) for the rest of the season and upcoming weeks. Below the projection are actual stats from last season.
2020 Projection -41.24 0.4 5.5 38 59 32
— Per Game (44 Proj) -0.93 0.01 0.12 0.86 1.3 0.72
3/19 to 3/29 (0.8 Games) -0.85 0.01 0.10 0.67 1.2 0.60
3/30 to 4/5 (1.7 Games) -1.72 0.01 0.21 1.5 2.4 1.2
2019 Season -18.80 1 4 29 44 26
— Per Game (34 GP) -0.55 0.03 0.12 0.86 1.3 0.76

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MIAMI (July 25, 2019) — FOX Sports Florida, the exclusive television home of the Miami Marlins, will premiere an all-new episode of “Inside the Marlins” on Sunday, July 28, upon conclusion of Miami’s game against the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Sunday debut of “Inside the Marlins: Youth Baseball and Softball” features host Kelly Saco providing viewers with a look at the Marlins efforts to help grow the sports at all age levels in South Florida.

The show features interviews with Marlins executives, including Senior Vice President of Marketing and Community Relations Elisa Padilla, Senior Director of Youth Baseball Angela Smith and Manager of Youth Baseball Jamal Knibbs. Fans will hear from local baseball and softball coaches, players and parents, and current Marlins and team alumni about the opportunities the team offers for children to learn the game. The show goes in-depth on the RBI program, which supplies equipment and provides free access for boys and girls to play, from tee-ball level all the way up to older teens playing softball and baseball.

Also on this episode of “Inside the Marlins,” FOX Sports Florida’s cameras were rolling at a pair of baseball and softball clinics at Marlins Park that featured Marlins teammates Nick Anderson, César Puello and José Quijada, in addition to former Marlins Alex Gonzalez, Alex Arias and Antonio Alfonseca. Saco, a former NCAA softball player at Syracuse University, also participated in teaching at the softball clinic, with an emphasis on pitching fundamentals. Rounding out the show is a look at the Pitch, Hit & Run competition at Marlins Park. Local kids competed for a chance to achieve national recognition at the MLB All-Star Week festivities. Representing the Marlins in Cleveland was 12-year-old Brady Blanks of Jupiter, who won first place nationally in his age division.

Watch “Inside the Marlins: Youth Baseball and Softball” Sunday afternoon on FOX Sports Florida and FOX Sports GO, and be sure to follow @FOXMarlins on Twitter and Instagram for exclusive Marlins content.
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With all the fires and blackouts going on, Californians may have missed a major legislative milestone last month. As NBC News reports, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law “banning hotels from giving guests plastic bottles filled with shampoo, conditioner or soap.” The measure takes effect in 2023 for hotels with more than 50 rooms and 2024 for hotels with less than 50 rooms. Violators could be fined $500 for a first offense and $2,000 for subsequent violations.

Contrary to what backers of the law appear to imagine, California is not the first to impose such a ban.

In 2014, ESPN showed “Brothers in Exile,” a program about Cuban baseball players Livan Hernandez and Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez, who starred with the Florida Marlins and New York Yankees. Before his defection from the Communist state, Livan traveled abroad with the Cuban national team. As Peter Bjarkman of the Society for American Baseball Research noted in his review, the ESPN show charted “the repressive treatment of Cuban players by their own state security and repeated bans on carrying home even simple items like hotel toiletries.” So there is a precedent for California’s ban on hotel shampoo bottles.

Assembly Bill 1162, by San Jose Democrat Ash Kalra, will harm manufacturers, inconvenience travelers, and do little if anything to improve the environment or personal hygiene. On that theme, the streets of San Francisco, where Gavin Newsom served as mayor, now boast record levels of excrement. That drives away tourists, deters business, and poses serious problems for public health.
K. Lloyd Billingsley is a Policy Fellow at the Independent Institute and a columnist at The Daily Caller.
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